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The new Pure Incense has a thicker diameter than standard incense so a universal adapter is included with each tube. What makes Pure Incense better? Your traditional incense sticks are made of half bamboo and half incense. Pure Incense has no bamboo stick center (core); it's all incense.

Since bamboo is a grass, some allergic reactions people suffer when incense is burning is due to the bamboo found in the center of traditional incense. Therefore, if you are one of these people you might want to give our Pure Incense a try. When traditional incense burns the bamboo core pollutes the true fragrance with a burning wood odor, however, when Pure Incense burns, mostly what you smell is just the true fragrance.

Each piece of Pure Incense burns about 60 minutes or you can easily break off only the amount you want to burn and save the rest for later. A tube of Pure Incense has about 25 - 30 sticks per tube. The entire tube burns about 25 - 30 hours total. Each tube contains a universal adapter that fits most incense burners available on the market today. Traditional incense is usually made with chemical grade oil. Our Pure Incense is made with cosmetic grade oil. We feel that if you can't wear it on your skin then you shouldn't breathe it into your lungs.

Burner, secondary adapter, and acrylic stand not included, shown for display purposes only. 

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Product Reviews

(9072 Ratings, 40 Reviews) Average Rating:
Must have for anyone who wants pure scentsation!!!!
Noire Drakonas (Casa Grande) 4/10/2022 2:01 PM
There is no better place to get phenomenal scents for great prices!
Best incense! Must buy
Tara (Arizona ) 2/27/2022 6:25 AM
Love these incense!! Let me start by saying I can not handle chemical smells or cheap perfumes, they make me physically ill. When I saw these at the Renaissance festival I fully expected to just be smelling chemicals made in a lab and boy was I wrong! Every scent they have smells as it should! We bought 6 tubes and a new incense burner and will only be buying incense from here from now on. Well worth the price for the quality!
Strong, with natural aroma
Katherine Suzanne Anderson (phoenix arizona) 2/6/2022 7:17 PM
We purchased ROSE, 2 of the JASMIN and FRANK & MYRRH at the local renaissance faire this weekend and it is the best incense we have ever had. I hate fake smelling florals and these are amazing. So glad we purchased two of the Jasmin(e)! We usually burn varieties of Satya Sai Baba but I think we have new favorite here!
Best Incense, Happy Customer for Years!
J. Saenz (Turlock, CA) 1/16/2022 1:05 PM
Much like others reviewers, we had the pleasure of finding Pure Incense & Oils, Inc. at a local Ren Fair back in 2018. The aroma from the stand hooked us immediately, and I've done my best to continually purchase from them since. These coreless incense with metal holder included on tube are FANTASTIC! Some of our favorite scents are Egyptian Musk, Ocean, Chinese Rain & Oakwood. I recommend them to any friend that inquires about them, but sadly have ran out of their business cards - I should have kept one for myself and just snapped a picture for friends! Cannot recommend enough - Give them a try!
Simply excellent
Landon Aaker (California) 10/13/2021 7:40 AM
This incense is absolutely wonderful. It is difficult to sell a smell online since no words can really do it justice; it makes sense (more like SCENTS amirite?) to sell it in person like at the Renaissance fair. I smelled the leather scent from a friend and I keep buying it. I am really blown away how good that one is. No idea how they make such a quality leather smell of all things but it is very nice! Just ordered Pirate-rum, sage, plumeria and leather. All of them smell fantastic. Really quality, well-rounded scents. The coreless incense is also much easier on the throat. Overall, just a fantastic product. No idea how they do it.