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Orange County Fair 2008 Orange County Fair 2008
Dear Orange County Fair Friends,
     It is with deep regret and sadness that I report to you that Pure Incense & Oils, formerly Belle Star, will not be returning to the fair.  My goal was to be the "Incense Man" of the fair until I was 80 years old, but the fair's administration has made many drastic changes that have forced me to make this very difficult decision -- a decision that wasn't easily made and, in fact, makes me very sad.
     Of course, the purpose of any retailer is to sell product, but over the past 20 years, my business has evolved into so much more.  To see all of you every year and remember you (not all, but a lot of you) was a joy.
     My favorite part of it all was when the kids would come into the booth to smell the incense and oils with no money at all.  If they were nice and well-behaved, I would give them some incense or a bottle of oil for free.  They'd be so happy and surprised.  After 20 years of doing this, every now and then someone in their twenties will come into the booth and buy some incense or oil.  They would tell me they came to my booth every year because I gave them some incense or oil for free when they were younger.  It is these business and friendly relationships I will dearly miss.
     Even though we will not be physically present at the fair, you can still purchase the same products off this website.  If you are not comfortable ordering online, of course you may call, fax, or e-mail us to place your order.
     We know that change is difficult, but hope you all understand and realize that we will continue to be in contact with you and provide you with the best oil, incense, and customer service you have come to love.
James Planek, CEO
Pure Incense & Oils, formerly Belle Star