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August 19, 2014 from April C. in Citrus Heights, CA:
  all Angels Breath please. Love this fragrance. thanks
      *Ordered our fragrance oil*

July 3, 2014 from Karen D. in Tampa, FL:
  LOVE your product. Thank you!
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

June 14, 2014 from Jym D, in Anaheim, CA:
  I purchased from you this year at Southern Fair, and I'm hooked. Stick incense make my wife cough. Your Pure Incense don't! And everyone loves the scents.
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

May 3, 2014 from Anne S. in San Jose, CA:
  Love your stuff!
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

February 16, 2014 from Willow H. i
n Long Beach, CA:
  So glad we found this site. We had ran out and couldn't wait until faire!
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

February 6, 2014 from Rebecca R. in Redondo Beach, CA:
  Thank you for such an awesome product. We are life long customers. :)
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

December 23, 2013 from Sherry R. in Fountain Hills, AZ:
  LOVE your version of "Ocean". Much nicer than I'd expected and can't get to sleep without it on my bedside table. Please never change it!
      *Ordered our reed diffuser oil*

January 19,
2013 from Dominick L. in Woburn, MA:
  Love your incense since we met you guys at the Ren Faire in Cali, thank you!
      *Ordered our coreless incense*

January 7, 2013 from Trudy A. in 
Orlando, FL:
I just LOVE your coreless Incense!  It is sooo much better than candles.  The smell goes through out my entire home.  I am so glad I found it 2 years ago at the flea market in Houston!!  Thanks! in Orlando, FL

May 28, 2011 from Nicole S. in Sacramento, CA :
    I've been buying from you at ren faire for years, but this is my first time ordering online. Thanks for having wonderful incense!

May 14, 2011 from Kimberly M. in Provo, UT:
    Thank you for being our #1 incense source! We love our dragon burner and use it almost every single day.

October 25, 2010 from Rachael B. in Visalia, CA:
    I absolutely LOVE Pirate Rum! I am so excited, I just discovered the fragrance oil and body lotion sections
         *She placed an order for body products.*
August 27, 2010 from Claudia Z. in Glendale, CA:
    Hi I bought your products for the past 2 years at the renissance fair i love them so much i keep giving some away to my friends
              *She purchased our fragrance oils and our coreless Pure Incense.*
August 24, 2010 from Anthony W. in Fullerton, CA:
    You have the best incense I have ever used. Most others' incense smells great until you light it, and then it just smells like burning wood. My vegan daughters did not dig Leather. It smells so real that I have to burn it when they're not home. Thanks for a great product at a great price (and free shipping!)
June 24, 2010 from Susan B. in California:
    Thank you! So glad to be able to get your products this way now! Loyal customer since 1975!!! Literally grew up wearing this fragrance. I am sure Belle must be so proud of you! Blessings to you all!
Susan :)
           *In reference to ordering online*
May 21, 2010 from Kathleen A. in Tarzana, CA:
    I first purchased White Musk from a gypsy cart at the Agoura Renaissance Faire and have used it for many years. Now that I can order on-line, this will be my 3rd time.
April 29, 2010 from William G. in Fairfield, CA:
    your incence are wonderfull to have thank you very much 
            * Purchases our coreless Pure Incense*
March 4, 2010 from Bill G. in northern California:
    Always get your incense at Ren Faire at Casa de Fruta every year. Found your web site to get more in between Faires.
                 * Buys our coreless Pure Incense*
February 6, 2010 from Evelyn E. in Pleasanton, CA:
    Missed buying this product at the Renaissance Fair this year and was so happy to find the "Belle-Star" incense on your site - BEST incense EVER (and we have tried them all...).
        *This was in reference to the coreless Pure Incense.*
December 2, 2009 from Brooke A. in Oregon:
    I am so excited that I found you guys! I worked So.Cal Ren Faire from 95-2001 (Chocolate Booth) and miss my favorite incense so much. Thank you for still making the good stuff!! Much appreciated. -Brooke
           *Ordered our coreless Pure Incense*
November 2, 2009 from Rena H. in Vallejo, CA:
    love your products, wont go to anybody else...keep up the great work
                  *She bought cones, mini sticks and our coreless Pure Incense.*
October 25, 2009 from Mel L. in Seattle, WA:
    I'm so happy to find your oils again! It's been years since I bought your oils at the Glen Helen Renaissance Faire! Thank you so much!
October 20, 2009 from Cori H. in Glendale, CA:
    I absolutely love your scents! I found you at the Ren Faire, and your green tea is absolute favorite... and I'm an incense connoisseur! Thanks!
                *She bought our traditional bamboo incense and the coreless Pure Incense.*
October 17, 2009 from Gary P. in Auroa, CO:
    I always find your booth at the Casa Fruita RenFaire when I visit my daughter on her birthday. I have 2 cats in a small apartment and this is the best incense I've found to help freshen the place. Thank you.
               *Purchased our coreless Pure Incense.*
October 15, 2009 - E-Mail received:
I met one of your sales reps at the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale, CA earlier this year. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing your "Pure Incense Coreless Brand" as I've always gotten a nasty headache any time I've burned incense in the past. The gentleman explained the difference between CORELESS brand you sell and conventional incense, no bamboo or wood of any sort. I bought like 10 tubes and figured if they gave me a headache I'd just give them out as gifts and asked that I get the free burner with each of them if I decided to do that. Well... I have burned thru 2 of the tubes successfully without any headaches and am very pleased with the product. I have given a few of them away as gift and have heard nothing but wonderful things about them. Thanks for providing a quality product.
The Reverend Mark
(feel free to use this and my web address in your "Customer Testimonials" page)

September 1, 2009 from Michael H. in Laguna Niguel, CA:
    The coreless incense is the best stuff you can get. You smell the incense, not the wood. Thanks for a great product.
           *Purchased our coreless Pure Incense.*
August 28, 2009 from Pamela T. in Fullerton, CA:
    Missed you at the fair :( Tried 2 new fragrances on my last order and loved them! This time I'm trying another new one. Do you do any other fairs? I'm a loyal customer either way :) Love your product!!!
August 13, 2009 from Sara K. in Seal Beach, CA:
    Best incense ever!
       *Bought coreless Pure Incense*
July 24, 2009 from Anna H. in Riverside, CA:
    Missed you at the fair :(  Glad I picked up a business card last year! Must be fate...Love your incense :)  Thanks!                               
             *She bought traditional bamboo incense and our coreless Pure Incense.*
             **2009 was the first year we didn't return to the OC Fair.**
July, 9, 2009 from Tiffiny M. in San Diego, CA: 
     "I just wanted to say thank you for your great incense!  I learned about you at a Ren Faire in Corona, CA.  I just purchased your products.  Not only did I get the items in a quick and timely manner, but I love the interesting smells.  None of that wood/bamboo smell you get from regular incense.  I have asthma and reg incense makes it hard to breathe.  But your coreless incense is absolutely perfect, Im never going back to the reg kinds.
Thank you"
June 17, 2009 from Judi K. in Huntington Beach, CA:
      Love your oils!
May 9, 2009 from Natasha J. in southern California:
Wondrous meet once again as the initial meet commenced upon So.Calif Faire in which this splend oil was well met - Ocean Dreams shall now be the forever scent of the day.

Walk In Light
April 23, 2009 from Kathleen A. in Tarzana, CA:
    Well, I don't know for sure, but weren't you in Laguna Beach? and didn't you used to sell at the Ren Faire (Agoura, CA)? hmmm...I certainly hope so. Life without your White Musk would be less than perfect!
 April 5, 2009 from Jorie W from Brea, CA:
I just came home from the Ren Fair (4/5/09) and was excited to burn some of my new incense. We were the couple that came through at the end of the day and I burn the incense to keep my husband out of the room! hehehe Anyway, I have to tell you that this is the "smoothest" incense I've ever smelled and my lungs don't burn when I breathe it in.I could actually smell the black cherry in the incense and most times the smoke smells good but not like what it says on the label. I can't tell you how happy I am to have run across your booth and will definitely be doing more business with you in the future! If you'd like to post this letter on your website, I'd be happy to be a testiment to your pure incense!
I wish you the best of luck with your sales as you truly have a great product!
Jorie W."

February 21, 2009 from Richard M. in southern California:
    Met you at the OC fair last year. Will never use any other incense. Great Stuff!
             *Bought coreless Pure Incense*
February 6, 2009 from Denise D. in Upland, CA:
    OMG I have been searching for your products since 1993. Loved this oil I became obsessed with it wishing I had bought more.
              *She purchased one of our Zodiac oils.*
January 6, 2009 from Robert R. in Valencia, CA:
    Saw your company at a renaissance fair in the L.A. area best incense i have ever bought. Love your stuff!LOVE your product. Thank you!
             *He purchased our coreless Pure Incense.*