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Back in 1972 Belle Star found herself very short of cash. She knew there was a Swap Meet in her neighborhood so she decided to try to sell some homemade potpourri to augment her cash flow. Taking roses from her back yard she dried the petals and put them in the baby food jars currently being provided in large supply by her youngest son. She added some rose oil from the herb store and sprayed the jar tops with gold paint, tying a bit of green yarn around the neck for decoration. Putting the baby in his buggy and adding a card table, sheet and her new product, she walked on down to the Swap Meet and sold all 40 jars at a dollar apiece. That was the beginning of Belle Star Inc., a thriving business that is still in operation thirty years later.

A family business from the beginning, Belle's sons and daughter and granddaughter have all helped in selling, packing, writing advertising copy, product creation and package design. When the business got too large for her to run, her son James Planek took over as owner and CEO. Under his capable direction sales have more than doubled.

Over these years many new products have been added to the little potpourri jars. The backbone of the line consists of over 600 perfume duplications, most of which were blended in house by Belle, by this time a National Affiliate of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and the other staff, whose enthusiasm and dedication form the backbone of Belle Star Inc.. In the early 1970's perfume duplications were unheard of in the United States. Chanel #5 cost a mere $35 an ounce, $100 less than it does now, and there were only a few perfumes on the market compared to the hundreds available now. As many of the older perfumes were discontinued their memories were preserved in the form of these duplications produced by Belle Star Inc.

It was only a small step further to add unscented lotion and massage oils that could be fragranced with perfume duplications and the many flower and other blends already available in the lab. The affordable prices really helped their popularity last.

A few years ago, the big companies realized the market for these duplications and every store soon carried copies in alcohol with most of the expense carried in fancy packaging. A crisis ensued and the result was our huge line of incense that is sold under our own label and other private labels all over the country. These are dipped into our own top-quality oils and burn a very long time with relatively no smoke. Our excellent staff has also compiled a large selection of high-quality holders and burners from all over the world to augment this line.

With more than 35 years of serving you with the finest and innovative products, we will strive to continue this family business for many years to come.